Monday, July 26, 2010

July 17th, 2010

  1. 150 XP was awarded for the prior session encounters.

  2. The party reviewed the prior night’s events and set off to continue to explore the cave system with the unusual creatures. The floor remained slippery and there was some additional spills as people moved around. Found a hole in the ceiling with a rope dangling from it, but as it was about 60’ off the ground we had to leave it for another time.

  3. Fought a few encounters with odd and stinky beetles, found some small skull shaped gems embedded in their heads.

  4. Discovered a passage that led downward, used a piton to tie a rope to the wall to get the party down safely. Of course Rick said he would do it only to discover he had no rope. Fought some rats also misshapen.

  5. As we entered a large cavern darkness engulfed half the party and the druid’s head was enveloped by some creature. After a few minutes of a comedy of errors, we finally were able to get the druid out of the darkness and the creature was killed, but the ranger nearly knocked himself unconscious while running around in the dark. There was a very timely quotation from Dorkness Rising by the paladin regarding the druid and the darkness “He who stumbles around in darkness with a stick is blind. But he who... sticks out in darkness... is... fluorescent!”

  6. Whilst the party was dealing with the creature in the dark, the monk wandered off exploring a small tunnel. He crawled in and later the rogue followed. They were attacked by small wooden animated objects, the monk was nearly slain and the rogue was knocked unconscious at one point. Luckily the druid’s badger was able to assist (resulting in a round of “badger, badger, badger, badger, mushroom, mushroom…”) but was severely wounded, the paladin was able to finish off the last of the objects.

  7. As the party healers were out of magic and the fact that there were several very injured party members (although the dragon shaman aura helped get the party to half health) it was decided it was a good time to regroup and rest.

  8. 200 XP was awarded for this evening’s encounters.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Events from May 15 and Jun 12 gatherings!

May 15th

  1. After reviewing, resting, and destroying the pendant we buffed the melee's and set out to the other tower to attack the Dayheart. As we opened the door to cross the catwalk we were confronted by the vampire Kavan (who previously tried to kill Zack) with 2 worgs and 2 giant spiders. Ben fireball-ed the bad guys and softened them up but all were still standing, initiative was rolled.

    1. Round 1
      • Chuck tumbled past the spiders and worgs to get to Kavan, hitting twice, Kavan retaliated with three attacks, all missed but provoked three additional Sunsword attacks; one fumble, dealing significant damage in return, he turned to gas and fled.
      • Rick stepped up and attacked a spider, killed it but triggered a delayed blast fireball that blew up, Rick said I don’t care I am only at 200 HP and stepped up to cleave the second spider causing another explosion further injuring himself and some of the party in the unfortunate but necessary process.
      • The wolves charged, Rick avoided the grapple but Nathan was pinned by the wolf

    2. Round 2

      • Chuck killed one wolf, Rick finished the other one
      • After the second wolf was killed, two vampires spider-climbed up over the edge and attacked Rick and Brandon dealing significant damage
    3. Round 3
      • Chuck charged to the other tower in an attempt to get the path to the Dayheart cleared for Zack to destroy it; he opened the doors and was greeted by four additional vampires plus Strahd, at this point Chuck knew there was no way to tranfer his curse in this combat, and called out for Zack to destroy the Dayheart.
      • Zack needed buffing, he cast Invisibility to Undead on himself, Eric cast Magic Circle of Protection from Evil on him, then Ben cast fly… Zack was ready to take one for the team.
      • One of the vampires moved into attack Eric and he lost some wisdom.
      • The two vampires on the catwalk were dealt with by the party
    4. Round 4

      • Chuck started swinging the Sunsword and invoked the Fires of Day ability in an attempt to blind the vampires and distract them; the vampires were not impressed as they were still immune to sunlight.
      • Zack flew into the room, tapped the Dayheart with the tuning fork and was severely injured and knocked unconscious by the resulting explosion as he destroy the Dayheart, the loss of its protection caused one of the vampires to immediately be destroyed by the sunlight in the room, the others plus Strahd were out of reach.
      • Cliff followed with a tumble past the party to get closer to the room to fire arrows
      • Everyone charged in. Rick bull rushed and knocked one vampire back. Goal: keep them away from Zack.
      • Susan was drained of a level by a magic missile cast by Strahd even though she was ethereal.
    5. Round 5
      • Chuck walked in still swinging the sword and destroyed three more vamps, and taunted Strahd again.
      • Nathan was able to stabilize Zack.
      • Susan got drained by magic missiles from Strahd
      • Susan Mass Healed, driving Strahd away simultaneously healing the party
      • Eric followed Strahd's gas form while Ethereal
      • Combat ended after 30 sec. (real time about 3 hours)
  2. Eric came back and reported that Strahd had reformed in his coffin. He said there were other tombs but when we asked if they contained bodies he responded he didn’t know and he was new at this. He and Susan restored their lost abilities and we and we set off to find Strahd’s tomb.
  3. We found the tombs, and while searching for traps, Chuck failed to detect one and was teleported away (into Strahd’s tomb). The rest of the party joined as Cliff was able to disable the trap in his path.
  4. We setup for battle, there was a large stone statue, so we arranged ourselves to be able to take out the statue and Strahd if necessary. Rick and Brandon opened the coffin, and Cliff stabbed through the heart, Strahd disintegrated, we asked if Eric was sure, and he said he followed him right here.
  5. Searched and found Strahd’s journal (Herb read it to us recounting Strahd’s fall to darkness)
  6. We found a tomb with Ireena’s name whereupon we realized we hadn’t seen her recently. She walked into the room
    • Susan cast Undeath to Death as we thought she may have been a vampire. She was not affected.
    • Eric cast Break Enchantment and we found she had no memory of any events. She had been bitten by Strahd before we found he and he was controlling her actions throughout the adventure.
  7. After further searching we discovered the coffin had Strahd’s brother Sergei’s name on it, so we continued to search for some path of where to go next. Chuck stepped to the right of the statue and disappeared in another teleport trap, the rest of the party followed. We had found Strahd’s real tomb.
  8. From the journal we were reminded he could only be destroyed by the Sunsword so Susan, Eric and Ben buffed Chuck with defensive magic’s and the rest of the party arrayed themselves around the coffin. As it was opened Strahd said that he only wished to be left alone and Chuck told him he could rest in peace with his beloved Tatiana and brother Sergei and cut off his head with the sword. He immediately crumbled to dust.
  9. A search of the castle is in order to look for Strahd’s treasury… Significant funds are needed for the next rituals for the Amulet of Ravenkind and the Sunsword. But that and the inevitable conversation with Madam Eva was left for the next gathering.

    Forest Size Notes: Net increase 6” from 1 fumble; end night 60” (18” without Enlarge)

June 12th

  1. We reviewed the prior session events.
    • Herb explained that he did intend to kill the party, but we didn’t cooperate :)
    • Herb confirmed but will post later that the xp should level almost everyone and there would be sufficient monetary resources to complete the rituals for the sunsword greater legacy and the amulet of ravenkind lesser legacy.
  2. Madam Eva appeared and thanked us for basically doing her dirty work, and teleported away.
  3. The party retired, and now the characters rest until needed again.
Stay tuned for new adventure being led by Cliff!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

JIT-XP (Just In Time XP)

XP for last time was 8050xp each.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sorry for the delay in getting these posted, was pushed to do so by the newly scheduled dates... From the March 5, 2010 session:

  1. Investigated the temple and the stairs to a balcony, ended up encountering Darrel. A long discussion (including a Zone of Truth from Susan) lead to an agreement where we will kill Strahd leaving Darrel in charge of the castle, and Irena will inherit the Sunsword when we leave this land. We recommended that Darrel leave the castle for his own safety and we bid each other safe travels. But reminded him if he doesn’t honor his end of the agreement we will be back.
  2. Climbed to the top of a tower and found nothing there.
  3. Susan used Ethereal Jaunt to explore the other towers, discovered a huge gem in one (the Dayheart) and one with several coffins including one in a room with a coffin containing a body and a pendant.
  4. Since Madam Eva told us we needed the pendant to destroy the Dayheart, we moved to the tower with the coffins, Cliff disarmed a trap on the stairway landing with Chuck aiding barely making the needed DC to avoid the circle of death spell.
  5. Broke up into teams to tackle the coffins, Chuck killed a vampire in 2 rounds with over 200 points of damage (thank you Sunsword, but dealt 3 crits and 1 fumble for a net 12" loss), the rest of the coffins ended up being empty.
  6. Two other undead appeared and attacked the rest of the party, Ben cast Undeath to Death to destroy one, Susan used Destruction to destroy the other.
  7. Cliff (I don’t ever take any damage) failed to detect the pit trap in front of a door, and as he was falling to his death Chuck landed a Feather Fall. While falling Cliff shot an arrow with rope at the building (after Susan inquired as to the length of the rope) then climbed the rope and chopped through the roof to re-enter the room. There was much rejoicing and Cliff suggested building a large wooden badger with the wooden remnants.
  8. The coffin ended up having only a dead body of a finely dressed beautiful woman wearing the pendant and a sword. Ben identified the sword as Bloodsong (+1 Bastard Sword). Since Chuck committed to handing Sunsword to Irena, he took Bloodsong as replacement.
  9. We have pendant but as it was late and the young ranger with tuning fork was sleeping so we ended.

Forest Size Notes: Net decrease 12” from 3 crits (20, 19, 17) and 1 fumble; end night 60” (12” without Enlarge)

Monday, January 18, 2010

January 8, 2010 Notes Part Deux

OK so not really bullets 4 and 5, here is what actually happened after bullet 3 in the last post...

  1. Explored the first floor of the castle; found and entered the chapel.
  2. We thought about the issue facing of us of how to perform the vigil which would take 24 hours. Susan and Zack would transform to werewolves before we could complete that process.

    We ended up deciding that it would be best to kill them both then resurrect them. After some discussion we decided to have Chuck kill Zack and Cliff kill Susan since both pairs worshiped the same deity.

    Susan was true resurrected by Eric using the rod, and Susan then true resurrected Zack. During the time he was dead Zack had a meeting with his deity who informed him he needed to perform the vigil and that he may not survive.
  3. Chuck had Susan invoke a Miracle (in a great accent kudos to the clerical acting ability) that asked St. Cuthbert to alter the parameters of his curse until we left Barovia so that the party’s fumbles affected him in exchange for a future service, this was granted.
  4. Side note: we can’t believe we didn’t think of the previous two items before.
  5. We started the vigil after arranging for the rest of the party to “assist” Zack and the casters took turns casting buffs every hour to help him with his will saves. About halfway through the vigil Strahd showed himself again this time in wolf form and we again drove him off. And Cliff helped out Chuck with a couple of fumbles.
  6. Zack survived the vigil (barely) and was healed by Susan. At the end of the vigil, the gems, saintly artifacts, and symbol disappeared and Zack found a tubular tuning fork shaped item about 2" long, to "use as a mighty weapon but to use ever so softly". He also received some new powers vs. undead.
  7. Dead body of a priest was found draped over the altar, neck item of wisdom that went to Susan and some magical plate armor that went to Irena (the burgomeister’s daughter that is following us around.)
  8. Being it was late we adjourned, leaving the search for the Dayheart for the next gathering.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 8, 2010 Notes

  1. As we gathered at the front of the castle Lord Strahd appeared and gloated, telling us that Madam Eva, blah blah blah, he smoked and flew away
  2. We healed Cliff and returned to searching the entry way of the castle
  3. Encountered Strahd again and Cliff shot an arrow at him, Chuck did a significant damage between an attack of opportunity and a full attack in the first round with the Sunsword, then Strahd feared everyone in the room. In end he smoked again and we recovered.
  4. Explored the first floor of the castle and found the chapel, entered the chapel and Susan and Zack were killed, dead dead
  5. As the time was late, we called it a night.